Saturday, January 15, 2011


i never thought sumtimes life wud be dis difficult.
VERY difficult..
handling machine is one thing,but handling people is harder!
thats why bos cakap, lets not call them bad people lah
actually they are so-call 'difficult people'
u have to noe how to handle this kind of people
but to do dat,u must have enuf experience, n knowledge. aku org baru bos.
camane nak setaraf dgn dis 'difficult people'?
sampai bile asek nak tahan panas telinga kne maki hamun depan org ramai?
aku ponn ade maruah:'(

one great man penah cakap;
'we all have people we dun like.dat does things dat we dun like.
and wut i have found is no one is pure evil.
if u wait long enuf,they will show u their gud side.
u can't make them doin it in a hurry.but u can be patience.'

sgt betul!
but its been 7month!
how long shud i wait??
they are toooo bbbbbb uhhh! DIFFICULT!