Sunday, July 24, 2011

i am lucky:)

please slapped me if i ever sigh again..
to think back everything dat ever happened to me, i consider myself as LUCKY.
i worked hard, i still laugh hard. i cry a lot, i have a lot more shoulders to lean on.
i easily get mad, but my blood pressure still normal what.
if in one whole day we still have water to bath, shoes to wear, food to eat, friends to chill up, why get mad if a bunch of flies, flies around? they have to fly to continue their lives!
sumtimes people can be very they dun have anything goods in life other than makes our life miserable.but how far they can go? well, at least u wont die of the annoying-ness rite?maybe its their why let one bad apple spoils the whole basket?bad apples stays rotten,dun eat them,take a good one, and leave. you wont get sick. smile makes u feel so good:)
be grateful makes u feel that you are not alone. you are born with a reason. lets stay focus & insyaAllah,God will lead us the way.

P/s : thank YOU, i had the very best day in my life:)
how lucky i am?;)