Sunday, December 6, 2009

i'm a tough tough girl in a rough rough world

i'm not in a gud condition..yes i am!jd skrg agak emosi..
suddenly jd sgt sensitive over a small issues..
org cakap family come first..
sgt betul dan tepat..
even at dat time ders sumone need u more..
family always come first..
even when u promise about a 'small' things,
n u break d promise bcoz of ur family...
its always true~family-first..
betul jugak,ders nothing can compare to ur family..
apatah lagi nk steal u from d others..
but even life is rough,
u still have a choice..
u can choose to be fair n tau bezakan btwn ur family dgn siape shj..
u can choose to treat sumone as part of u so dat he/she'll never feel like strangers..
its ur choice
its ur decision

bukankah begitu??

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